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Jan - Feb 2019

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The Goal

To understand this project and our ongoing relationship with ON3, we should back up a bit. ON3 is comprised of nearly ten divisions, each with dozens of their own affiliate companies and specialty services. These affiliates, ranging from insulation and fire protection to abatement and cleanroom, each had its own website to market services and put people in contact with the nearest general manager.
We built (and continue to optimize) a single, incredibly robust website that elegantly supports and markets a wide range of services, directs users to relevant points of contact, and showcases not only industry expertise, but also ON3’s dedication to their customers and employees.
The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.
Helen Keller

Building the concept

Let’s talk about how we structured ON3 to engage a range of audience types with varied needs and patience levels. Equipped with the knowledge gained throughout discovery, the metrics from the current website, and interviews with PCI leadership and partners, we started by building detailed personas. Each personas is verified and used as a starting point for userflows as we draft and test our ideas for the sitemap, on-page content priority, and a handful of unique, interactive elements that tie everything together.

To begin to unpack the density of ON3’s offerings how we prepared users to navigate and interact with the website, knowing the scale of what ON3 wanted to accomplish is a good place to start.

We worked to create an interconnected content system. Essentially, related content dynamically populates on key points within users’ journey allowing savvy users to intuitively explore, while also holding the hands of more hesitant users through relevant offerings, projects, markets, and—ultimately—branch and contact information.

Phantom X1

The Result

From a UX and information architecture standpoint, the ideas we worked out during strategy and wireframes tackled the majority of the challenges related to merging so many websites—but that’s not to say we ignored the technical strategy. Considering the amount of sites we were merging, our launch and QA teams took extra care while they worked to redirect domains and link juice appropriately.

As with all our system builds, we like to say one thing: The backend user experience matters, too. We take the time to consider how ON3 will be running the site to reduce the strain of adding/editing content, avoid double-entry, and generally setup an intuitive taxonomy and flow that requires minimal effort to manage and update.